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Acupuncture therapy is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine, during which, thin, sterile needles are inserted into different pressure points throughout the body. There are numerous proven benefits associated with acupuncture therapy, especially when it comes to addiction treatment. At Guardian Recovery we utilize acupuncture therapy as part of our highly integrated, holistically-based recovery program.

According to an article published by John Hopkins Medicine, there are over 2,000 acupuncture pressure points in the human body, and these points are interconnected by a series of meridians (or pathways). These meridians create a flow of energy that is largely responsible for overall health and well-being, and applying acupuncture to certain points along these meridians can improve energy flow and contribute to an improvement of physical, mental and emotional wellness. In the year 1997 the National Institute of Health officially accepted acupuncture therapy as a viable form of complementary therapy, according to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information titled, “Acupuncture Therapy for Drug Addiction.” This study suggests that acupuncture has been proven to increase the levels of dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine present in the system, which can diminish psychological drug cravings and help alleviate the more uncomfortable symptoms associated with acute and post-acute drug withdrawal.

While acupuncture therapy is an effective method of holistic treatment, it is important to understand that it does not serve as a stand-alone solution for substance abuse or dependence. At Guardian Recovery we incorporate acupuncture into our comprehensive treatment plan, tackling the physical, emotional and mental implications of active addiction through a combination of traditional and holistic therapies.

Acupuncture and Addiction Treatment

At Guardian Recovery we work closely with several highly experienced and licensed acupuncturists who practice aural acupuncture therapy on clients in a safe and closely monitored setting. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, there are five predominant acupuncture pressure points, each providing a different benefit. These include:
  • The Sympathetic Point (also known as the Autonomic Point): This point helps facilitate relaxation and calms the central nervous system.
  • The Lung Point: The lung point helps facilitate the recovery of damaged lung tissue while working to relieve feelings of deep sadness and grief.
  • The Liver Point: When needles are inserted into the Liver Point, mood is stabilized, irritability and aggression are alleviated and toxins are removed from the blood and from the liver (this can be especially beneficial to people recovering from alcoholism).
  • Shen Men (or “The Spirit Gate”): This point is said to decrease the anxiety that often goes hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol withdrawal.
  • The Kidney Point: In addition to alleviating fear and anxiety, this point is said to facilitate the reparation of all vital organs.
Active addiction severely impairs vital organ function, and in order for comprehensive recovery to be achieved, special attention must be paid to the restoration of physical health. At Guardian Recovery we tackle physical healing through a combination of clinical, medical and holistic methods.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture therapy is a safe and non-invasive method of craving reduction and withdrawal symptom alleviation. Numerous studies have been conducted on the efficacy of this holistic treatment method for the treatment of substance abuse and dependence, and at Guardian Recovery we focus on applying a combination of evidence-based therapies. There are many proven benefits of acupuncture therapy, including:
  • The reduction of intense psychological cravings that often lead to relapse
  • The alleviation of uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms, including persistent headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, cold sweats and general feelings of pain and discomfort
  • Emotional regulation (and the alleviation of disruptive psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety)
  • Regulating sleep patterns and helping facilitate calmness and relaxation
  • Increasing the ability to retain therapeutic treatment
This is only one of the holistically-based therapies we employ as part of our integrated treatment program. At Guardian Recovery we believe in a “whole person” approach to addiction recovery, meaning that we focus an equal amount of attention on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Additional Holistic Services We Offer

In addition to acupuncture therapy we provide the following holistic treatment services:

  • Nutrition therapy – Adequate nutrition is crucial to comprehensive healing. Licensed nutritional therapists teach clients how to consistently make healthy choices and how to prepare nutrient-dense snacks and meals that will speed up the healing process and help them avoid craving-related relapses.
  • Yoga therapy – On-staff yoga therapists walk clients through a series of poses (or asanas) geared towards increasing mind-body connection, reducing stress and helping them stay grounded in the present moment. Yoga therapy combines traditional yoga poses with breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mindfulness meditation – This holistic treatment method revolves around empowering clients to take control of their thinking and behavioral patterns, and replace negative and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors with healthy and productive ones. Clients gain self-awareness and learn how to quiet their minds in high-stress situations.

Our Comprehensive Clinical Care

At Guardian Recovery we offer a multi-phased continuum of clinical care to men and women of all ages who have been struggling with substance abuse and mental health. We offer medically monitored detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare planning. In order to provide the most integrated care possible we combine proven therapeutic methods, a 12 step approach to recovery and effective holistic modalities. We believe that in order for a person to heal thoroughly and maintain sobriety long-term, no stone should remain unturned. To learn more about our comprehensive and highly individualized program of recovery contact us today.

Our Simple and Straightforward Admissions Process

At Guardian Recovery we have developed a program of addiction recovery that is simple and uncomplicated from start to finish. We understand that committing to a long-term program of clinical care can be overwhelming in and of itself, and we are dedicated to making the admissions process and every subsequent transition as seamless as possible. The moment you or your loved one gives us a call we begin developing a viable plan of action, which typically begins with a brief pre-assessment that can be easily conducted over the phone in a matter of minutes. The pre-assessment includes a series of simple and non-invasive questions geared towards helping our clinical team determine which treatment methods and therapeutic services are going to be the most beneficial to each unique case.

Next, we provide a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check. At Guardian Recovery we work closely with most major regional and national providers. If you or your loved one is currently insured, there is a good chance that some or all of our treatment services are covered. Finally, we set a date and a time for an intake and help you arrange stress-free travel plans. If you or someone you love has been struggling with substance abuse and mental health, we are available to help. Contact us today to begin a lifelong journey of thorough and lasting recovery.

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Ryan Soave brings deep experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, certified trauma therapist, program developer, and research consultant for Huberman Lab at Stanford University Department of Neurobiology. Post-graduation from Wake Forest University, Ryan quickly discovered his acumen for the business world. After almost a decade of successful entrepreneurship and world traveling, he encountered a wave of personal and spiritual challenges; he felt a calling for something more. Ryan returned to school and completed his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. When he started working with those suffering from addiction and PTSD, he found his passion. He has never looked back.

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Cayla Clark

Cayla Clark grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from UCLA with a degree in playwriting. Since then she has been writing on addiction recovery and psychology full-time, and has found a home as part of the Guardian Recovery team.

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