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Individual Treatment

At Guardian Recovery we customize our treatment plans to meet the individual needs of every client. We thoroughly learn about each client — their history, genetics, family, addiction, behavioral patterns, mental health, current life circumstances and health — and use this information to help craft a unique recovery program tailored just for them. We consistently meet with clients to track their progress and alter the course as needs arise. We feel this individualized approach to addiction recovery is critical for the long-term success of every client.

Over the course of the past several years this type of individualized approach  has been widely recognized as the most effective method for treating addiction. According to an article recently published by the National Library of Medicine, individualized addiction treatment involves closely evaluating all elements associated with biopsychosocial health and enables treatment providers to focus on what factors could trigger relapse.

The Benefits of an Individual Focus

There are many benefits to an individual treatment focus, the most prevalent being:

  • A closer look at underlying issues – Individualized treatment offers a higher staff-to-client ratio, meaning that clients have a greater opportunity to delve into the underlying issues that lead to the development of substance abuse and dependence in the first place. Uncovering  and working through these underlying issues, which might include unresolved trauma, untreated mental health conditions, environmental factors or repetitive exposure to high-stress situations, can mean the difference between relapse and continued recovery.
  • Improving self-exploration – In order for clients to heal on a thorough and lasting level, they must get familiar with self-exploration. This is important to the addiction treatment process and to the recovery process. In addiction treatment, clients explore their personal relapse triggers and discover which methods of emotional regulation work best for them. They learn a unique set of skills and coping mechanisms that ultimately help them stay sober long-term. During the recovery process, self-exploration allows clients to identify their personal likes and dislikes, while actively pursuing personal goals they develop while in treatment.
  • Improving upon personal communication skills – Healthy communication is one of the vital life skills we focus on in individual and group therapy sessions. However, the process of developing and improving upon communication skills is different for every client. This specific life skill is focused on during therapy sessions, as clients learn to express themselves in healthy and productive ways under the guidance of a licensed therapist in a safe and supportive setting.
  • Working to cultivate a higher level of self-awareness – Self-awareness helps clients become fully aware of their own behaviors and emotions, and the ways in which their emotions might impact their thought processes and behaviors. To be self-aware means having a greater understanding of the motivation behind substance use, the root causes of addiction and personal relapse triggers. We help clients cultivate a high level of self-awareness by using numerous therapeutic and holistic treatment methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, yoga and mindfulness meditation.
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms – Individual therapy focuses on highlighting the connection between the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of each client. Clients learn how they are programmed to react to certain situations based on negative thought patterns, and they focus on replacing negative thoughts and knee-jerk reactions with a range of healthy and productive coping mechanisms.
  • Focusing on the development of important life skills – Communication is only one of the life skills we help clients develop over the course of the treatment process. Depending on the individualized needs of each client, we provide comprehensive life skills training, which could include financial literacy, vocational training, education assistance, nutrition or any number of appropriate topics.
  • Working through any personal trauma in a one-on-one setting – Many of our clients have undergone some degree of personal trauma earlier on in their lives. A focus on individualized therapy allows for clients to work through this trauma in a safe, one-on-one setting with a licensed trauma therapist.

The Individualized Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of therapeutic and recovery-related services, many which have a strong focus on the individual.

The individualized services we provide include:

  • Personalized case management services
  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Individualized treatment and aftercare planning
  • A more detailed focus on the family of each client
  • A custom-tailored holistic treatment program

A Focused Treatment Experience

At Guardian Recovery we believe in providing focused clinical care to each of our clients and to their loved ones. In order to provide the most focused treatment experience possible we break our therapeutic sessions down by demographic-specific groups. We also offer an Executive Program for individuals who cannot take an extended break from their careers. This program caters to the needs and requirements of working professionals, giving them the flexibility they need to keep up with personal obligations and work-related responsibilities. We also offer several stages of clinical care, knowing that the treatment option that best serves one of our clients might not be as effective for another.

The levels of clinical care we offer include:

  • Medically monitored drug and alcohol detox – Our medically monitored detox centers offer a comprehensive level of care that cannot be found in any standard, state-run detox facility. In addition to around-the-clock access to the highest standard of medical care available, we offer therapeutic intervention, medication assisted treatment, an introduction to recovery tools, relapse prevention and rehab placement services.
  • Inpatient or residential treatment – It is highly recommended that each client immediately transfers to inpatient treatment after being medically cleared in drug or alcohol detox. Residential inpatient treatment generally lasts for between 28-60 days, and offers a high level of structure and accountability. Clients undergo intensive therapy sessions on a daily basis, learning the tools and skills they need to successfully avoid relapse and go on to lead the healthy and productive lives they deserve.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment – This stage of clinical care is ideal for individuals who require more flexibility in their day-to-day lives, or who have recently completed a higher level of clinical care (like medical detox or inpatient treatment). Our IOP programs typically meet 3-5 days a week for several hours per session. IOP keeps clients accountable while allowing them to reintegrate into the world-at-large.
  • Continuing care – Continuing care, also known as aftercare, is a vital part of every individualized treatment program. Upon admission to Guardian Recovery each client is assigned a case manager, who helps develop a personalized plan for continuing care that is to be implemented once clinical treatment comes to an end. Most aftercare plans include a continuation of individual therapy, participation in a recovery community and ongoing psychiatric services (in the case of a co-occurring disorder).
  • Sober living housing options – Guardian Recovery works closely with many reputable sober living houses throughout the United States. We are always happy to help set up clients with a sober living house in their immediate area.

Guardian Recovery
Highly Individualized Clinical Care

At Guardian Recovery we put a very strong emphasis on individualized care. Our approach includes an individualized physical and mental assessment, which helps our clinical team develop a unique and custom-tailored treatment plan. Throughout the addiction recovery process, clients are re-evaluated and any necessary changes to their treatment plans are promptly made. For more information on any stage of clinical care we provide, or to get you or your loved one started on a long-term journey of physical, mental and emotional healing, contact us today.

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Ryan Soave brings deep experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, certified trauma therapist, program developer, and research consultant for Huberman Lab at Stanford University Department of Neurobiology. Post-graduation from Wake Forest University, Ryan quickly discovered his acumen for the business world. After almost a decade of successful entrepreneurship and world traveling, he encountered a wave of personal and spiritual challenges; he felt a calling for something more. Ryan returned to school and completed his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. When he started working with those suffering from addiction and PTSD, he found his passion. He has never looked back.

Written by:

Cayla Clark

Cayla Clark

Cayla Clark grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from UCLA with a degree in playwriting. Since then she has been writing on addiction recovery and psychology full-time, and has found a home as part of the Guardian Recovery team.

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